Wednesday, September 14, 2005

DARKNESS is finally here!!

To all those who don't know, DARKNESS is a cult German thrash metal band that emerged in the 80's and as they are too underground to be known, their albums are hard to find and if you are lucky enough to see someone selling a DARKNESS album on eBay usually it end up costing the buyer 70 dollars or more per disc, and this is only the case when you can see one!!

But recently I got news from my metal buddies that ALL the DARKNESS albums will be reissue and should be available sooner or later. If you one of the poor guy like that born too late and don't have much money for the crazy eBay auction then this is the chance you get it!! Thrash or die!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

CRYPTOPSY is still the best

Tonight just dug up my long buried CRYPTOPSY - None So Vile album, the enjoyment is still very big when comparing to their newer albums, the music is brutal and fast, without stupid and senseless blasting they destroy everything on their path to endless malevolence!! If you are into brutal death metal and still haven't got this on in your CD vault just goto eBay or whatever website to get one now!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

All the matches yesterday are boring!!

Yesterday is a big day for soccer, the opening match of the Hong Kong soccer league, and also the world cup qualifiers for European and South-American region, I thought it would be an excellent night but I was wrong..............

First, the Hong Kong soccer league opening game is really boring, with the players(especially non-local players) did not have any improvements overall, the game is 1:1 finally. Although the goals were not all by luck, my impression to both teams are bad. They just cannot organize a better way to strike, everyone just waiting for everyone to do more for them, no one really moved to the right place and missed quite a lot of chances. And, of course, this is the so called Hong Kong soccer style.

After sleeping for a while, the highlight match for me last night was England vs. Wales, well, well, well, the line-up is not bad. And seems like all the players are quite ready for the match, but when the match started, I was quite disappointed because England just not right!! Without a proper pair of strikers, the power of Rooney is simply can be released as all the Wales defenders had their eyes on the poor Rooney!! Although Wright-Philips and Joe Cole is ok. but when the defenders only need to care about single striker, the game is much easy to play. Actually Wales do have some chance to get in a goal but resisted by fatty Robinson the goalkeeper. Finally Joe Cole, if not too lucky, scored for England and England win on that goal. After the match I am quite worried about England as seems like they lacked the right partner for Rooney(Owen just not right), and if they cannot get the first place in their qualifiers' group, I am a bit scared that England finally cannot get into the final 32 in World Cup 2006.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

About e-Marketing

I think some of you may notice that I am working in a company that provide internet marketing(actually more precise should be e-marketing because internet is definitely not the only place we do our business), and I am planning to start another blog that is all about internet marketing. I hope to start the new blog in this month(if I prepared all the things). So this blog will remain as purely my personal blog of myself(heavy metal is definitely the main topic!!).

The new blog I am planning to start will be about e-affiliate program, Google Adsense and other stuffs that you can make money with. OK, that's it, see in the new blog


If you are into traditional heavy metal, especially bands from the 80's golden era, you must at least heard the name - MANILLA ROAD, the one and only one unique, epic heavy metal bands from the United States that born actually in late 70's. They play a powerful mix of 70's hard rock and 80's traditional heavy metal, without the cheesy attitude of many bands at that time, they indeed wrote epic songs about mythology and history. On top of the brilliant music is the vocal performance of Mark Shelton, the vocalist that even broke his own vocal cord during live performance for the non-stop epicness of MANILLA ROAD's music.

MANILLA ROAD did released more than 10 full-length albums spanning from their 30 years of heavy metal career. And while the band did split up for some years, theie new albums still retained the spirit and the feeling of their old tunes without simply copy the old tunes and please the old fans. I am not the old fans at all, I can only tried their music when their vinyl albums got re-released by different record labels. Currently I have "The Deluge", "Open The Gates"(the best I think), "Crystal Logic" and "Spiral Castle". I will definitely get the other albums I don't have when I have the chance to do so.

If you are into like heavy metal that combine epicness and heaviness, just go check MANILLA ROAD out you are a poser!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

The new soccer season

Tomorrow is the new season kick off of the Hong Kong soccer league, but I wonder who will really care??

PORTAL is here!!

Finally, finally!! The digipak of PORTAL's debut album - "Seepia" is released after delay, delay and delay. Along with STARGAZER, PORTAL is another bizarre death metal emerged from Australia that plays death metal in an unusual way. Just follow this link: and go to feel the horror of these guys!! Insane is the only terms I come up when I see the live photos and album cover!!

The worst thing for a vocalist - BOLT THROWER inspiration

I think many of you knows the UK death metal band - BOLT THROWER, since the late 80's they are demolishing England(and other places in the world) by their war-themed death metal, and those who knows BOLT THROWER should not found unfamiliar with the name - Karl Willetts, the original vocalist since the early beginning of the band. Many fans of BOLT THROWER love Karl's performance and thus becomes somewhat the trademark of BOLT THROWER as well. Like many other bands, Karl did left the band for several years to pursue other matters, and the band recruited some other vocalist when Karl is absent, one of them is Dave Ingram, which is also from another well-known UK death metal band - BENEDICTION(and some other projects too), if you are into UK death metal, this guy again should be very familiar to you.

And Dave did recorded one album - "Honour, Valour, Pride" with BOLT THROWER, and to be frank I think the result is great, this is a fine death metal album, though not groundbreaking, and should please most of the BOLT THROWER fans very well. But then Karl Willetts want to come back to the band, and Dave was asked to leave(this is quite bad in my opinion if I sing in a band and I did the job well and still asked to leave, what do you think??!!??). And this is not the really worst thing, the rest of the BOLT THROWER decided to re-recorded the whole "Honour, Valour, Pride" album, that means totally erased the effort of Dave!!! The is the worst thing I have ever heard from a metal band, first, if the band thinks that Dave is not good enough for their music, when should they still recorded the album with that vocalist?? In my opinion the replacement should be extremely fit to the music, and the recording can start only when everything is extremely fit, I can understand why BOLT THROWER do that if they only formed 2 months without a proper demo recorded. But when BOLT THROWER is such a great band, and established for so many years, they should be very mature when doing the recording things. And another thing is "Respect", well, I don't think Dave's performance is too bad that everything he done must be destroyed, or maybe the band thinks that the name of Dave appeared in the booklet of the album is a shame???? I really cannot understand, but hope that both Dave and BOLT THROWER can produce good music to all of us in the future.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A tragic year for Heavy Metal

Recently I just got a news from various online metal webzine about the death of the legendary VOIVOD's guitarist Piggy, I must say I am not a really big fan of VOIVOD after the "Killing Technology" album, but the creativity of the band is not deniable, and they are brave enough to explore new area of the heavy metal music, that is something most of the bands not dare to do!!

Another shocking news, which is even more shocking to me is the grind band BLOOD FREAK is dead, all the members were killed in car accident on the trip to record their new album!! I haven't listened to this band and I am not a big fan of grind at all. But seeing dedicated and such die-hard musicians(they start the band in 1988 and surely will still grinding if they were not dead)suddenly kill is still quite a shock, I hope they can rest in wherever they like and keep grinding the people who want to listen to the music.

The Berserk, a comic that harder than metal

When talking to fans of heavy metal music, usually they like to watch independent horror movies and extreme comics too. While I am not really interested to independent horror movies, I do watched a lot of comics. And "The Berserk" is really one hell of a comic that fit into the spirit of extreme metal very very much!! "The Berserk" is a Japanese comic which the first issue is already more than 18 years old. The story is about a warrior who fight the dark descend of a great demon to the earth solely by himself, he did not stop chasing that demon(who actually used to be the warrior's best friend)even though he lost his right eye and left hand(his left hand was replaced a multi-purpose pseudo-limb with the ability to shoot arrows and even cannon ball!!!). The comic did not finished and I think the story will last for at least 20 more years according to the speed of the author.

This is a great comic for all those who like something dark and brutal, this comic is packed with a lot of killing, gore scene, but the really brilliant thing about this comic is the idea blend under these matters, it insists one must live by his own will and not following trend like all the others do, it inspired me a lot and I think for those who can read Chinese or Japanese(I'm not sure if English version is available) should go to have a look at this comic.

Brazilian Thrash Metal

Brazil usually gives people an impression that is a country full of tropical forest, hot chicks and their one and only one blitzkrieg-like(to their opponents) national soccer team. Though Brazil did offer, at least, one more thing to me, that is their mayhemic and non-stop thrash metal madness. If one have to name all the bands that born in Brazil that plays music I just mentioned, the amount of time needed is like editing the Oxford dictionary from nothing. However, if you are really into thrash metal then you still have to dig your way deep into the Brazilian thrash metal vault for jewels like old SEPULTURA(if you don't know this band you obviously are extremely new to this kind of music), old VULCANO, old CHAKAL, old EXPULSER, MX, DORSAL ATLANTICA, HOLOCAUSTO......etc. The mentioned bands are just those who emerged from Brazil in the 80's, though some of them has been disbanded, at the same time some of them still exists(maybe with the style changed.....sigh). Even at the year 2005, Brazil is still considered as one of the most important forces for producing new thrash metal bands!! FARSCAPE, ANDRALL, BYWAR, TORTURE SQUAD......etc.. Through the years of listening to these Brazilian bands I keep wondering one thing, how can they play the music with such a rage and power, in turns, so bestial?? I think the valuable tropical forest is the answer. While you always stay in a humid and hot place with various kind of animals surrounding you, you can't help but turn yourself into a more cruel animal as well, when powered by these natural forces and transform them into music the only answer is thrash metal!! Fast, raging and crazy are the words to describe the music in short, when you woke up in the morning found yourself not quite concious, get an album or two from the bands mentioned above to kick start your day!! Thrash till the grave!!

There are so many CDs to buy!!!


I think the new STARGAZER should be quite stunning because they already blew me away with the split with the other Aussie death metal band INVOCATION. And you just cannot find a death metal that is more exotic than STARGAZER in the current scene!! Technical drums, bizarre guitar riffs combining with totally cruel vocal, I'm sure this is going to be one of the best death metal album emerging from the surface of Earth!!(Maybe be under the surface of Earth too)

While EVOKEN should be known by many of you, the new album still makes many drool again and again as their previous album - "Quietus" was already 4 years old!! I still have not got it(Of course or why should I write this!!??) but I keep hearing positive feedbacks from various metal fans from different places. Their doom/death metal really stands on the top of the world!!

The last PRIMORDIAL album is quite a disappointment, especially when comparing to the brilliant "Spirit The Earth Aflame", so actually I am a bit cautious when they announced a new album in just 2 years of time. However, like the EVOKEN one, this one got a lot of positive reviews, and those who give positive reviews to this one blamed "Storm Before Calm" as well(this mean they are of same kind as me)!! I think if I got this new album I will be one of those reviewers then.

Actually when you see this one my want list will keep albums from DESASTER, COUNTESS, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, ABIGAIL.................I better stop here or I end up kill myself for not able to get those albums..............